Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring has sprung!

Finally, in Javea the weather has changed. We are seeing temperatures hitting 20 degrees and higher. In the 15 years that I have lived here this has been the worst winter, winter storms, hailstones and even snow, yes proper snow in Spain. All that is behind us now and there is the usual optimism around town for a great summer to come.

Spring sees much activity in Javea and many events that the locals look forward to. For the fitness crowd there is the mirador challenge, a 29 kilometre walking event where teams compete to be the fastest finishers. There is also a fun walk where you can take your time and enjoy the scenery.

As well as the Mirador Challenge there are running events in each of the local towns, 10K runs every Sunday or Saturday for around 12 weeks. “Circuit a Peu Marina Alta 2017”

Easter means many fiestas in the old town, these are often solemn, marking the death of Jesus. The carrying of Jesus on the cross is a sombre parade, but worth watching. After the Easter fiestas a week later it´s back to the crazy bulls running down the street, live bands late at night and fireworks. Javea never stays sombre for long!

As soon as it starts warming up everyone in town looks forward to the chiringuitos opening on or around the 15th May. The opening of these beach bars truly marks the start of summer.

Also this time of year we start to see new bars and restaurants opening, one has recently been opened by the Champagne Company called Bambula, it´s the new place to be seen!

There is also a new Pizza restaurant in the port that I will be trying with friends at the weekend. Hopefully it will be a good addition to the restaurants there.

I had my first lunch sitting outside in the sun this week at Monson Thai, they do a good menu del dia and the terrace gets lots of sun with excellent sea views.

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