Friday, 26 May 2017

It´s Friday the sun is out and it´s cocktail time!

Living in Javea provides us with 100s of bars and restaurants to enjoy food and drinks and as the summer approaches it´s time to consider my drink of the season. Or drinks of the season!

There is always the old favourite of gin and tonic, I´ve recently discovered a super combination of Hendricks, Fever Tree and Cucumber. The Javea Company bars (Chabadaba and Bambula) seem to do this the best from recent experience, but I must try it in a few other places just to confirm this.

Another summer favourite is the Mojito, although you have to be selective to where you drink this as some bars and chiringuitos cheat by using a pre-made mojito mix, which is not nice. If your Mojito arrives too quickly then you can be pretty sure that they are using a cheap pre-made mix. Last year Saona chiringuito made them fresh, you can watch them make them at the bar. They take a little while as Mojitos should, but well worth the wait. You can also add an extra twist of strawberries to make a change, although some days it´s only the original mojito that hits the spot.

For an afternoon tipple a Spanish favourite is Tinto de Verano (summer red wine), a little like sangria. Red wine with casera or gaseosa (lemonade), fruit is often added as well. Like the Mojitos some bars have this ready mixed on a draft tap similar to beer, but it´s nowhere near as nice as one made from scratch with a decent bottle of red wine.

Summer is for friends and sharing your favourite drinks. Most bars in Javea offer sharing jugs, you can get the usual sangria, but one to try is Aqua de Valencia (water of Valencia). This is either gin or vodka with cava and orange juice, it can make you a little squiffy as it´s difficult to tell the strength as it goes down so well. Search out bars that have the fresh orange juice machines, as fresh juice makes all the difference.

When you think of wine in Spain you might think of the dark full body reds, but the Spanish do make some great white wines to enjoy during the summer. Casa Del Vino in Javea always have a good selection and some great advice on wine. It´s worth a visit to try some of the Spanish white wines on offer. Although it´s quite normal to ask for a chilled bottle of red in the summer with your meal. Most restaurants consider this the norm.

After a long hot day sometimes all you need is a nice cold lager. It´s a treat to have Café Milano a few doors from the office as they sell Peroni on draft.  

There are so many choices of cocktails I don´t know where to start from a long Island ice tea to sex on the beach in Javea you can get your favourite or just work your way through the menu until you find one you like!

Remember drinking isn´t cool it makes you act like a fool! Everyone loves a fool.

I´m not an alcoholic – they go to meetings. I´m a drunk and I go to parties!

And then alcohol said “put that on Facebook it´s hilarious” But alcohol was wrong, so very wrong.

Come and enjoy living in Javea for long term rental and sales properties in Javea.

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