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Eating and Drinking in Javea, Northern Costa Blanca

Javea in the Northern Costa Blanca is a favoured holiday destination for many Northern Europeans and the Spanish from the major cities of Madrid and Valencia. There is also a large all year round population of Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Belgium, German, Russian, South American. It is a totally cosmopolitan town with all these nationalities creating a wonderful and different culinary experience.

Tripadvisor lists 327 restaurants for a town with a permanent registered population of around 30,000. This works out at roughly one restaurant per every 100 people. The population does triple in the months of July and August but still that is a lot of restaurants for this small coastal. The same calculations in London is one restaurant in around 400 people.
As you can imagine with 327 restaurants there are a lot of choices on offer. Living or holidaying in this area you will never go hungry. The choice is immense from Michelin star fining dining to pizza and paella.
If you speak to the locals everyone has their favourite restaurant and as there are so many I can´t imagine any local has visited them all. Every now and then you end up going to a restaurant that you have never been to, find it great and ask yourself "Why have I never been here before?".
One thing you most always get in Javea is quality, because of the number of restaurants and strong competition if you open a restaurant selling bad quality food then you will not last long.

Here are few of my personal favourites.

Calima - In the port promenade this is my favourite. Their menu of the day is great value and the main menu has a lamb dish to die for. The staff are always incredible polite and offer great service. 

Carnaval - If you are looking for quick lunch or dinner at the beach then carnival is a good place, they have an interesting menu including the standard burger and chips as well as more adventurous options of thai curries and sushi - There is something for everyone, so good for fussy family members. 

La Casa Della Pasta - This would not usually make my list as it´s a bit of a hit and miss place, but last Saturday I had a fabulous meal here which included a massive pot of mussels in a lovely sauce. I ordered from the specials menu, so maybe this is the way to go in future. According to friends it is better in the winter than the summer. It has a huge terrace which doubles the number of diners in the summer. A lot to cater for. 

La Bacchaus - If it´s steak you want then Bacchaus serve steak on a stone that you can cook to your liking and it always cuts like butter. They have more interesting meat options to cook on the stone, kangaroo and venison. 

Masena - Of the fine dining restaurants Masena on the outskirts of town is my personal favourite the atmosphere, the service and the food are all spot on. 

Nuestros - A real Spanish family run bar and restaurant in the old with great value fresh food. If it´s linen table clothes you´re looking for this is not the place, but if you want a great welcome and cheap quality food then this bar is for you. 

La Sucreria - Like most restaurants in Javea this is a family run business and bar in the church square of the old town, offering fun banter from Bob the Irish owner and his wife. Great for just a drink or they offer delicious homemade Mediterranean cuisine cooked in their open kitchen. 

Tosca - Comes a close second to Masena the service and food are impeccable. The sommelier in my opinion is the best in town, always ask him to recommend your wine. You will never be disappointed with his choice. 

Buddha Palace (Arenal) and Curry Palace (Port) - These are my favourite Indians owned by brothers they both offer delicious curries and their service is always the best. 

Trinquete - If it´s paella you want then this is the place to go. In my opinion this is definitely the best Paella in town. They also have traditional tapas and fresh fish dishes. Typically Spanish and most of the clientele are Spanish. 

These are just few of my favourite restaurants and there are many more in Javea that I haven´t tried.

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  1. Nice selection of places to eat Jo, pathetically as a Brit I would select Buddha Palace (Arenal)