Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Renting Long Term in Javea, Northern Costa Blanca

Javea on the Costa Blanca is a favoured spot for Northern Europeans to live all year round, whether they are retiring or staying here to work or run businesses. Many of them want to rent property rather than commit to buying in the area. This creates a large demand for rental properties.

Javea being a tourist town, many properties are rented for premium rates during the summer months, this can make it difficult to find an all year-round property. Although there are owners who prefer to ensure a guaranteed monthly income so will choose the long term renting route.

Due to the summer season it is recommended that if you are looking to relocate the best time of year to do it is October until March. Out of season when properties are empty and the summer season seems a long way off, owners are more likely to sign an annual lease. 

What to look for when renting an all year round home in Javea -
When people think of Spain they think of high temperatures and beaches, but this isn´t true for the whole year, during the winter months the temperature can drop to under 10 degrees at night and around 15 degrees during the day. This might seem a lot higher than northern European countries but in a tiled floor home, that is built to keep cool in the summer, you still need heating. Admittedly for only 3-5 months depending on the winter, some milder than others.
Javea has a very humid climate and cold properties can often get damp in the winter, make sure you look at the orientation of a property (south is best) and the fact that it has heating will help control any damp issues. 

During the summer months it is hot and for 3-5 months of the year you might need air conditioning, or at least a house that has good airflow.
Overall it is good to find a property that has good sun for the winter months and some shaded areas with a breeze for the summer months. Most villas have private pools that help you to keep cool in the summer and apartments will have a communal pool.
Pools are great but private pools need maintaining and this takes time and money. When you are renting a villa look carefully at the terms - Does the rental price include pool and garden maintenance? If not make sure that you understand the extra costs. 

Everyone has the dream about living in a villa with their own private pool, in Javea most villas are located in the areas away from the beach which means a car is necessary. If you have teenage children that want to meet friends and go to the various activities this often means the parents become taxi services. Or if you want to go out and enjoy the nightlife taxis become an additional expense. So sometimes choosing a large apartment or modern townhouse close to the beach is a better option as you can walk or cycle to meet up with friends or enjoy the nightlife Javea has to offer.
Before you rent work out your budget and ask the agent or landlord about the cost of the properties utilities. Spain has one of the highest electricity charges in Europe so you need to make sure you don´t over stretch yourself on the rent and utilities. 

Standard Rental Terms in Javea -
The standard terms for renting in Javea from an agent are -
2 months security deposit
1 months rent in advance
½ month agency fee
You will usually need a copy of your passport, proof of income and a reference from a previous landlord. Landlords are more lenient here than in the UK and often proof of income is enough. Also they are more inclined to allow pets in properties.
There are two types of lease for a rental. A temporary lease where the tenant agrees that the property is not their permanent home and waive the rights of permanent tenants. This could be from one month to eleven months. Then there is the permanent contract which is an annual contract renewable up to 3 years. The tenant has the legal right to stay for 3 years and the property is classed as their permanent home.
You will be responsible for paying utility bills, installing and paying subscriptions for TV and Internet. Usually the landlord pays the rates (IBI) and any community fees, but can sometimes add this to the rent, ensure you ask this question when searching for properties.
Javea is a great place to live whether you are a family, a couple, retiring or just taking a year out for some sun and long term renting makes it a no hassle way to relocate. Often tenants will rent and end up buying when they fall in love with the area.

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